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Two well-designed websites


Id have to say that is a well-developed website. When I first began using Twitter, it was pretty simple and basic, but I enjoyed having breaking news at my fingertips in a matter of seconds. I didn’t make a Twitter for socializing with people I already knew, I made it for the easy access news and to get connected with people who have similar interests as me. This webpage makes it easy to get connected with other users with the use of hashtags. When it comes to the navigation on the page, it’s still pretty simple, but the way it is set up makes it feel lively and vibrant. Everything is accessible from the home page like your timeline feed, trending topics and direct messages. With Twitter users at a decline, the website has attempted to regain more users by adding Moments, which is a feed of user tweets that pertain to currently trending topics. Moments is a great way to keep up with current events like the Grammys and the presidential campaign. Through the years the website has continued to progress even though it is said that Twitter is beginning to decline.


The other website that I feel is built well, is I use the Yahoo home page for basically the same reason as Twitter: for news. The main page has a slideshow of news articles that are up to date and the rotation wheel makes it easy to pick one that I feel like reading. The page also has a list of news articles under the slideshow that are not as popular, but sometimes are worth reading depending on the topic. Another neat feature is the trending box. The trending box contains the 10 most searched criteria for that day, which sometimes I enjoy looking at just to see what the world is searching. On the left side of the page, Yahoo has a vertical navigation bar to access a variety of topics like news, sports, finance, and much more. This makes this an all-in-one website for many users. Another aspect of this page that interests me, is the email page. I have had numerous email addresses since I began using the World Wide Web, but I have to say that Yahoo makes it very user-friendly. Everything on the email page is detailed making it very easy to navigate through its features.


  1. Carissa Guidry-Mccall

    I like google better than yahoo, but I may be biased because i intern for a google-partnered company! Twitter, though, is my all time favorite website! For social media, Twitter is my go to. I like your take on it!

  2. Katherine Lovell

    Unfortunately I don’t like either Twitter or Yahoo because of the set up and redundancy. Although I believe that is the point of having many different social platforms since everyone has their own preference.

  3. Ashley Marinez

    Twitter is extremely easy to use, although I am mainly on the app versus on the computer. I only get on to tweet something; I don’t necessarily use it as a news source or browse through the feed (which is weird because that is what most people seem to do). I am a weird one. Yahoo, on the other hand, seems like a very well-designed website. I do not ever get on but that is where my sister says she gets all of her news from. I will have to start checking it out. Good post!

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