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I’d have to say that my favorite daily website is Twitter. I really don’t use many other social media sites (like Facebook and Instagram)simply because I get caught up in other peoples business. On other social media sites, I find myself wasting too much time scrolling through pictures and status updates that really don’t pertain to me. I don’t watch the news on TV no more because I find it boring, but Twitter is quick and accurate(for the most part) at delivering breaking news. I also use Twitter for entertainment. The website has tons of interesting articles, hilarious videos, interesting memes and a lot of other things that help me deal with boredom. Twitter usually directs me to the source of the content (like Huffington post and other international companies) which is a great way to find new websites that are appealing to me. One of the other reasons I use this site daily, is to promote my content. Twitter is a great way to promote my pictures, videos, articles and my music. When promoting my content, I also get connected with many other individuals that have the same interests as I. If you don’t have a Twitter then I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to get connected with the world.twitter

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