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Twitter: The Ultimate Connection

By: Connor Elkins

Twitter has got to be one of the best information sources in social media. I am constantly combing Twitter looking for all the latest gaming news and updates. I myself do my own gaming reporting using Twitter as a medium.image

The best part about Twitter is its simplicity. A tweet just a handful of words, and a picture most times. Instead of reading on an on, it is very easy to find news since most news tweets are linked to an article.

With the craze of hashtags that have been shoveled into our lives, it’s is incredibly simple to find information. If I wanted info on the new game: Metal Gear Solid V, all I have to do is punch in #MetalGearSolid and all kinds of tweets will appear about it.

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  1. Brittney Garcia

    Connor, I absolutely agree with you on this app. I visit it everyday because it is so easy to keep up with my friends, and see what is trending around the world. I sometimes get my news from the app because it is so quick in releasing information. Great post!

    Brittney Garcia

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