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Many people have Twitter profiles to follow celebrities or companies and like many people I do the same. I follow many of my favorite celebrities, political leaders and popular entertainment accounts.

The thing that I find the most interesting when it comes to Twitter is that you have an instant connection to people you would not normally have a chance to communicate with. If you like a celebrity you can send them a message. If you don’t like a celebrity of reality TV personality, you can send them a message as well. I have been known to voice my opinion quite often on twitter and tweet at someone who is in the spotlight, whether it be political or on television. That is the biggest thing that I love about twitter, but there are many more features that I like.

The favorites feature is cool because you can use it to your advantage. Sometimes I will “favorite” a tweet to just come back when I have more time to really read it or click on a link that it has. I also use it to keep tweets that I really like and that can be personal to me. Just recently the U.S. struck down the ban on same-sex marriage and it made national and international news and I first read/heard about it on twitter. Twitter is an awesome place for breaking news. When it came out many political leaders tweeted about it and I “favorited” the ones I liked the most which you can see below.

All in all twitter is an amazing app that I use too much actually but I just cannot live without it.

If you do not have a twitter account, visit Twitter and create a profile and start tweeting. If you want to follow me, send me a follow request and you will be able to see all the things that I like and do not like and see the occasional tweet to a celebrity and on a rare occasion a reply from them. Many of them will direct message me, especially when it is a nasty tweet so the public doesn’t see it, those are always fun.

Happy tweeting!

Adrian Orta

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  1. Laksna

    Hi Adrian,
    I am not too active on twitter but I created an account right after I disappointed an employer by saying I am not on twitter.
    I also like to follow celebrities and as you said it is a good way to connect with them.

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