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Thoughts so far….

  1. My favorite project was the redesign of our original site. I was proud of my first site, it was cool and I was like wow I did this, but the redesign was the point I realized I can do this whole web design thing. Yes, it is tough and frustrating but the out come is so satisfying.
  1. The only reason I didn’t like the trouble shooting assignment was because I didn’t do good. I looked past the simple tasks and could’ve done way better. Everything else has been very interesting and all you lecture about ties into what were doing, so it is completely necessary and nothing to complain about.

3. Most important thing is definitely basic html, most of us have gone through this before but it was a good refresher and it is vital in each assignment we do.

              Project 2                        My current website







  1. Colton Gabelmann

    I’d have to agree with you for the most part, especially in regard to your image macro. Been there, done that.

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