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The You Generation

Youtube is my go-to source for daily entertainment, news, and education. Consisting of countless hours of content, Youtube is a content sharing website that allows its users to create, publish, and share videos across the Internet. Because the website operates through the use of sidebar and in-video advertisements, all of its content and features are completely free for anyone.

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My subscriptions, featuring video games and “clickbait” titles

I subscribe to over a hundred channels on Youtube, however a majority of my subscriptions are gaming related channels, which reinforces the notion that Youtube is a user driven website (the content that you choose to see reflects your interests). My favorite feature of Youtube is accessing my subscriptions, so much so that I have actually stopped actively watching cable television, because the freedom to watch what I want, when I want lends itself to be a very successful business model (see Netflix).

For those that aspire to create fantastic cinematography, share your life experience through video, or just simply want to relax and watch the newest music videos, Youtube has it all.


  1. Angelica Espinoza

    I go to youtube as well to watch news and entertainment. Because I am not home all the time or have cable at my apartment, I watch youtube on my computer, tablet, or on my phone. I like how I can access youtube anywhere and anytime.

  2. Alan Espejel

    I am I big fan of youtube (something i’m sure most people are a fan of). It’s a fantastic site for things like research or learning new things to wasting your time watching people trying to eat cinnamon like weirdos. This is a good website pick!

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