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The Story So Far

I signed up for this WebPub course with the intent to bolster my resume with some basic coding skills. My best friend makes a metric ton of money doing coding work for Apple, so I figured anything that would give me a leg up in the “getting rich” department couldn’t hurt to round out my senior year. This class (and this semester in general) has had its ups and downs, but here we are at the halfway point, writing a retrospective.


Hands down the most difficult project to date was learning CSS for Project 2. In retrospect, I feel a little foolish, as it’s not THAT difficult, but it was definitely a leap going from basic HTML coding into the wild world of CSS. After much bitching and moaning, however, I came out on the other side with a working knowledge of how to make my website less dreary and plain.


My favorite assignment was definitely the troubleshooting exercise. I’m a big fan of puzzles, and getting a page full of broken code and being told to fix it was kind of fun. I imagine it wouldn’t be quite as entertaining to do it if I didn’t know exactly how many errors were on the page, but I wouldn’t mind doing more things like this in the future.


The most important thing I’ve learned so far is… how to code? That feels like a cop-out answer, but it’s true– I came to this class to learn how to code my own webpage, and here I am: coding my own webpage. Considering I started this course knowing Absolutely Nothing, I’d say we made some progress.


  1. Carissa Guidry-Mccall

    Jumping from html to css was pretty crazy. I feel you on that. I also liked the troubleshooting exercise, but I feel like I work pretty good under pressure.

  2. Lisette Lopez

    I think it is so cool that we actually get to build our own websites from scratch. Its so frustrating at times, but in the long run it could actually help us with future employers to know HTML and CSS.

  3. Joey Galvan

    Colton, we are learning a lot in this class. so it’s important to not get discouraged. The only reason I haven’t had massive problems with CSS is because I’ve worked with it before and read two books on it before the semester began. in preparation. I don’t agree with you about the troubleshooting exercise; that was my least favorite assignment by far. I agree it was a puzzle, but I don’t typically find puzzles to be that frustrating. Maybe it would have been more fun if it wasn’t for a heavy grade. I’m glad you are learning so much from this class. I look forward to applying all the knowledge I’ve acquired in the future.

  4. Alexander Goeke

    I agree, having the knowledge how to code is going to be such a good skill that I feel will help me later in life and even now. It has also sparked an interest in me to learn something new and stick with it.

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