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The Celluloid Club

I’m going to be writing about my love of film for this new site of mine.

As for the layout, I’m going to have five pages.

The home page will be an intro to what the Celluloid Club is all about, which kicks off with a tribute to the late, great Roger Ebert. I hope this page will hook readers in and get them to explore the more comprehensive pages on the site.

Page two will contain a review of Ebert’s phenomenal memoir, “Life Itself,” and offer analysis and why I find it so important.

Page three will have information on the Criterion Collection, and will try to congregate the best essays and media from the Criterion website.

Page four will be a rundown of the best independent Chicago cinemas and the history of each one. I’ll also try to contain a live feed of showtimes.

Page five will discuss the greatest film critics alive today, and will include descriptions of each one and why they are unique and deserve recognition.

I choose this particular topic because while Americans show up to movies all the time, we often overlook smaller films from independent distributors, or any film that breaks the mold. I hope to show folks there are other movies out there, and they might be even better than the ones they’re used to.

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