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Straight up love this class…

When I first signed up for this class I didnt really know what to expect. However, the first week I realized that not only was html/css something I was interested in, but it was something I could see myself doing for fun in my spare time. Web design is something I have a passion for and feel I could be good at. My professor is detailed with his short lectures and helps me understand each step of the coding process.


I think learning how to create stylesheets and using css is one of my favorite aspects of the course. Building something from nothing is an amazing feeling, but customizing a site and making it have a personality is what i love.

I think the most challenging part of this course is doing the page layout. The responsive assignment was really difficult for me, i’m not exactly sure why it was so difficult because on paper it isnt hard.

The most important thing I’m learning in this course and in coding in general, is not to give up and be patient with the work. Just because something is difficult or isnt working doesnt mean its a major problem you need to fix….it could be as simple as forgetting to put one of these at the end of a code line “>”. html-css pic



  1. Beau Carnes

    I agree with you about the responsiveness assignment. I had to go and change all these values into percentages and I kept missing them. It was a bit of work. And I completely agree with how you can’t give up on code and how something so small can throw your whole website off. Coding is not for impatient people.

  2. William Le Moing

    Yes, I also feel that the most challenging thing in coding is to try to methodic and patient. Sometimes a little code error on HTML or CSS can create a lot of problem for your website

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