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Spirit Science: what’s that?

Hey everybody! I’m going to talk about the website that I visit at least once a day and why.

SOOO, Spirit Science: taken directly from their website is, “A discussion and exploration into the nature of the universe and our infinite connection to everything around us.” Spirit Science started as a Youtube series (I have watched almost all of their videos) then it expanded into a website, then a Facebook page, then to Instagram, and so on. The creator/founder of Spirit Science, Jordan Duchnycz, covers a wide range of topics: from science and spirituality, to Ted talks and documentaries.

If you call yourself a ‘spiritual’ person, then I am more than sure that you have heard of this website. I, myself, would call myself spiritual and I love every single thing about this page.

This is the "main" character in their Youtube videos & how they represent themselves.
This is the main character in their Youtube videos & how they represent/brand themselves.

The main reason I go to Spirit Science everyday is to either learn something new or for some self-help/motivation. I usually get to Spirit Science through my phone when I am laying down getting ready for bed or when I have some down time and feel like reading. It’s a great page to explore because of the wide range of topics (science and spirituality being my top 2). I highly recommend watching an episode from their Youtube series, “Spirit Science”. Their Youtube videos are probably my favorite feature because I love the animations and the way the creators put everything together; they have done a great job attracting a large audience and an excellent job on maintaining a good fan base. To access their Youtube videos, just type in “Spirit Science” and you’ll see the little man in the picture above pop up. Happy exploring!

Here’s the link to their actual website: Spirit Science and here is a link to their Facebook page (because for some people, accessing their articles/videos this way is sometimes easier and much more convenient): Spirit Science Facebook page.

I hope you all enjoyed!

-Ashley Marinez


  1. Soraya Herbert

    Well, since I am a YouTube *feen* I will be looking this up really soon! This would be awesome for all college students, especially when we hit hard times during the semester, when we need that boost of motivation. 🙂

  2. Sarah Garcia Alvarez

    Nice, I’ve never heard of this before! Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

  3. Tania Hagedorn

    Thank you so much, Soraya, for the link to the Spirit Science site. My last three hours were spent on this website (which is why this post is being done an hour before its due.) Lately time hasn’t permitted to read much outside of school, the last spiritual book I read was Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-Being—Deepak Chokra, author and physician, and Harvard Medical School Professor Rudolph E. Tanzi, one of the foremost experts on the brain, collaborated to write a book that marries neuroscience with spirituality. You may like this book. Thanks again for such an uplifting site. Taking care of our spirits is as important as taking care of our bodies.

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