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Simple Websites

Google’s Website format is definitely one of my favorites. It is really simple and uncomplicated. The home page is almost blank except for the Website’s name and search bar in the middle. It is hard to get lost in Google. Whenever I go to other sites, like Yahoo and Bing, there seems to be too much going on. Also, whenever I am looking for something in those sites, it is always harder to find. The algorithms used in the site are great, and adds a lot of points to it when trying to pick my favorite site. I like that Google is simple and to the point.3goog

Instagram is another website and app that I enjoy. It is very simple and doesn’t have a lot of things going on. A lot of the advertisement in some sites can make it lose its appeal. I know that it is needed for the revenue, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy having it there. Instagram doesn’t need to have ads in the sides of the page, it is integrated to look as part of your dashboard. Some of the people we follow do the advertisement in subtle ways that I enjoy. 3insta

Looking back, Google and Instagram are both very simple sites with white backgrounds. They also both show Ads in different and more creative ways. In other words, I like sites that are not too busy and don’t show too much information in one page.


  1. Michela Johnson

    I agree 100 percent with your thoughts on the Google design. I think the fact that it is so simple and to the point is why it is the number one search engine. Microsoft tries, but come on, you cannot beat Google.

  2. Sarah Garcia Alvarez

    I also like simple designs, and I think you’re right on how Instagram figured out a decent way of showing ads without annoying its audience. Thanks for sharing!

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