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Responsive Web Design, Media Queries, and Pros and Cons

In the Responsive Web Design article, I learned that mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop browsing in the next three to five years. This was sort of surprising to me, honestly, because I really feel that has occurred in my life already. I’m on the go constantly, so I mostly use mobile websites and apps to stay up-to-date and keep my life together as it is. I very rarely use a desktop/laptop except when I’m doing schoolwork.

When I read the Introduction to Media Queries article, the most interesting thing I learned was about the site Protofluid. I was stressing out a little bit about not being able to check my website for compatibility across all devices and screen sizes, so this will be a very helpful tool for me doing this project and others in the future. I also found the information presents on the website simple and easy to understand even though the subject matter itself is complex.

The Pros and Cons article was probably my favorite article of these three because I really like to be able to look at all of my different options for building a mobile site and have the pros and cons broken down for me in a way that’s easy to understand. One thing I didn’t know was that responsive design is relatively new technology, so not all phones can load it. To me, that would be a very big mark in the cons category toward using responsive web design for all websites. I really also liked a lot of the information they gave about app building.

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