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Responsive Web Design Articles

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.00.09 AMIn Ethan Marcotte’s article, Responsive Wed Design  he talks about how to make media such as website, move with devices so they translate. To me this is hugely important because in an era when technology is changing as fast as it is, we need to have the skills to cater to that. Marcotte discusses how the interface changes from web, tablet, and iPhone and how we can code to suffice this need.



This shows you how you can change the view from a desktop to a mobile device.
This shows you how you can change the view from a desktop to a mobile device.

The next article I read in regards to responsive web design was Introduction to CSS Media Queries. This article reiterated the importance of having code for responsive web design. This article showed codes for HTML and CSS to make your website responsive and comparable to be visually cohesive no matter the device. Very cool stuff.







Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.16.57 PM
The last article was titled: The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design. This article was the best in my opinion, because it discussed the downside of responsive web design. The issues according to this article with responsive web design are having a single website may not be beneficial to users although easier on the designer, because it’s a newer concept there are technical problems, and the user experience.


  1. Taylor Torbert

    I liked the article that was visually cohesive as well, It gave you a sense of what to expect your website to be like, responsive and what not.

    Taylor Torbert
    Summer II

  2. Brittney Garcia

    This was a well put together blog, you made it simple and easy to read. I agree with you The Pros and Cons article was my favorite because it shows me the benefits and disadvantages of different responsive web designs. I appreciated this one the most, because as a college student and this being our generation of technology growth we can use this to our benefit. We are more knowledgeable on the importance of media queries, so this article can show us where to start and how to be successful.

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