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Responsive Web Design Articles

Article: The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Website vs. Native App

A few things I learned about Responsive Web Design are:

  • It’s responsive and adaptable to any device
  • That although it may not be an ultimate solution in situations, it certainly is a very powerful tool for our society.
  • It’s pros out way it’s cons

A few things I learned about Mobile Website are:

  • It is designed specifically for mobile devices
  • Content is fast-loading, accessible and easy to read
  • It isn’t universally compatible with other devices such as the Responsive Web Design

A few things I learned about Native App are:

  • A lot of examples I could think of after reading this was that Android/Microsoft and Apple have Native Apps. I have been a user of both types of operating systems and it would frustrate me because one seemed to have something the other didn’t. Native Apps are not common among all devices
  • These apps include flexible features such as click-to-call buttons, camera, GPS, etc.
  • Developing a native app is the most expensive solution

The twitter app is a go-to app for me, and I enjoy the layout. It is easy to use.

Twitter App
Twitter App

Article: Introduction to CSS Media Queries

A few things I learned about Media Queries are:

  • It specifically deals with the height, width, resolution and orientation of the device.
  • You can link them to different style sheets and test them on multiple devices.
Protofluid Testing Site
Protofluid Testing Site
  • It is also a powerful tool for society

Article: Responsive Web Design

A few things I learned about Responsive Web Design was basically a repeat of the article read earlier, but some new points I picked up on were:

  • It’s got a flexible foundation with designs, images, motion and creativity
  • Responsive web design is just growing every day. Competition is among the creative technological world we live in.
  • It is constantly moving forward

After doing a little research I came across a popular website known for its Responsive Designs by Google: Inside Abbey Road. If you have the chance check it out.

Introduction to Inside Abbey Road
Introduction to Inside Abbey Road


  1. Brenda

    I loved how you formatted all the information. You made it easy to understand what you understood from the articles!

  2. Laksna

    I agree with Brenda, your version is a much simpler and easier way to understand these articles. I think Native Apps are the most convenient way to browse online from different devices.

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