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Responsive Web Design

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design:

I found this article interesting because up until reading it and discussing this in class, I really didn’t see any cons to having a responsive web design. It seems vital to have a responsive web design during this generation, but that may not always be the case. This article examines the pros and cons when considering the website user. User experience is a big part in having a successful website, and if there are some browsers that are not up to date with technology then it can be difficult for the responsive website to load properly. This could be an issue for user experience. If it can’t work fast enough, it might as well not work at all.

Introduction to CSS Media Queries:

This was my second favorite article, because I am very interested in CSS. This article examines media queries in CSS3, which pertain to different screens and device sizes. This again, relates back to the topic of responsive web design. Now CSS3 queries can be used to for screen resolution, the height and width of the browser, the orientation of the device, and much more. This is news that many web publishers are very excited about because this brings many new tricks to the process of responsive web design, using CSS3, such as linking to different style sheets for each device screen.

Responsive Web Design:

This article was my favorite, mainly because of the specific examples it gives describing how responsive web design can layout. A “flexible foundation” examines a two-column layout built on a fluid grid. On the design are pictures that are too large to adapt to even a “flexible” layout, proving that pictures that are too big won’t work with changes in resolution or viewpoint size. This article continues to give several examples about the importance of responsive web design and how it can work and how much it is needed, and even gives a few recommendations of other books and articles that emphasize that responsive web design truly is “the way forward.”


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  1. Sarah Garcia Alvarez

    I completely agree with you on these articles. After reading them, I understood the whole concept better and the importance of CSS.

  2. Andrew Clemons

    Hey Alex! I really like how you organized your post. It was easy to find the pros and cons then find out what media queries and what a responsive design was.

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