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Responsive Design and Media Queries Articles

Responsive Web Design

I found this article quite interesting and informative because it gives you detailed information of the basics of responsive design and it gives you a look into the future. From my own personal experience, I do find myself using my phone to browse rather than an actual computer. So when the author, Ethan Marcotte states that it is expected for people to shift more from desktop to mobile browsing I do believe this will eventually happen in the near future. I also found the responsive architecture discipline interesting because I had not heard of this before and I think it will be useful since privacy is valuable to everyone. Lastly, the way the basics of responsive design were explained was quite helpful since I was having some trouble understanding the whole concept of media queries.

Introduction to CSS Media Queries

This article has also helped me understand media queries better, but it also has a few more helpful tips. It also emphasizes the importance of CSS and how it makes responsive design easier for web developers now. For example, instead of having to build separate websites to fit different devices, it offers the option of have several media queries link on the same CSS style sheet. I also find it’s helpful for those that want to test out their responsive websites, but don’t have a device that supports it by using ProtoFluid.

The Pros & Cons of Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Website vs. Native App

I used to think responsive web design was better than any of the other options, but after seeing all the pros and cons of each one of them I think I’ve changed my mind. A mobile website now seem like a good idea for someone that wants the best user experience, but I still think it would be last option. I like the idea of having both responsive and a native app because I find apps quite useful. Even though having both would be costly, I still think it’s beneficial. In the end, I feel that having just one option might not be the best choice unless you a constant or increasing rate of viewers.

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