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Responsive Design and Media Queries

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.22.45 PMThe first article I read was Top 5 Benefits of a responsive website design. This was separated into a list form of the components Examiner found most important. The five topics were flexibility, cost effectiveness, great user experience, easy management and Google approved.

The second article was 5 Common myths of responsive web design. The first myth was that responsive website design is synchronized with all browsers which isn’t the case for older browsers. Another was that responsive web design (RWD) focuses on mobile devices but it’s mostly just about being interactive with all users on multiple different formats. The third was RWD is too expensive. Although it requires a lot of time to develop, responsive websites actually aren’t very expensive. The fourth was that RWD ensures faster load times but studies have shown the opposite. And the final myth was that responsive designs and SEO are not compatible but actually websites with RWD are places higher in Google search results.

The third article was 5 web design trends to watch in 2016. It seems the number five was the trend for this blog entry. The 5 trends are hamburger menus (the small icon on mobile sites that allows users to reach navigation), long scroll, and card layouts (which is a layout that presents information in small chunks that can be scanned quickly. Other trends are hero images, which are large banner images placed front and center. The final trend is flat design

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