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Reddit – The Frontpage of the Internet

Reddit is where I spend the majority of my Internet time. I check it multiple times  a day for multiple reasons including news updates, writing prompts, in-depth features and to communicate with like-minded individuals over various pop culture trends. Oh, and my daily dose of cat gifs. It’s my favorite escape.

While the site’s design is pretty underwhelming and basic (nothing more than hyperlinks on a white background), it’s simplicity makes it easy to maneuver for any level user. However, what reddit lacks in design doubly makes up for in sheer content.

I love that there is a community (subreddit) for -literally- anything you can imagine. Harry Potter, relationship advice, gaming, philosophy, make-up tips, memes, you get the gist.

Even Texas State has a subreddit where students can share news, events and advice.

  • Felicia DeInnocentiis
Screenshot of subreddit /r/journalism.
Screenshot of subreddit /r/journalism.



  1. Michela Johnson

    Reddit has a certain feel to it that I can’t seem to get accustomed to. Whenever I go to that site, which is hardly ever, I feel as though I have amerced myself into the never ending chaos we all like to call the internet. Maybe it’s the design.

  2. Felicia DeInnocentiis

    I think so; it’s a lot to take in sometimes but I think once you go there enough your eyes just breeze through the format. It’s especially easy once you personalize your account.

  3. Beau Carnes

    Personally I love Reddit. It’s everything and nothing. You can find some of the most unintelligent/useless strange information and pictures. You can also however find intelligent discussions and there is every imaginable niche and hobby. To me it’s exactly what the internet should be: free, filled with a balance of knowledge and bs, and above all entertaining.

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