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Project 3

My project 3 is about World War II.  My grandfather fought in the war and it has affected me in so many ways knowing all of the men who sacrificed their lives for the world’s freedom.  I am a very strange woman and find WWII extremely interesting.  I study and research it during my free time and watch endless amounts of movies and mini series such as Band of Brothers (everyone must watch it!).

My cover page is just a picture of American pilots.  My first main page is title “The Beginning” and it explains what led up to WWII and how the U.S. became involved (attack of Pearl Harbor).  My second page is titled “The War.”  It talks about certain battles and turning points during WWII and how the war finally came to an end.  I created a carousel that has pictures of soldiers during the war that is very heart wrenching.  My third page is titled “Victory!” and it is obviously about the end of the war and has pictures of people across the world celebrating V-E Day.  My fourth page is about memorial cites across the world that are absolutely incredible.  I have been blessed to have been able to see two of them.  If you want your views on life to change definitely visit one of these cemeteries!  My last page is about ways you can help veterans and current troops.  I volunteer with Solders’ Angels and it is so fulfilling being able to hear stories and help veterans and their families.


  1. laksna

    Wow Janelle! Your website seems to be incredibly interesting because just like you I am “passionated” about the second world war and have watched so many documentaries/movies that I keep talking about it to my friends – crazy I know!

  2. Cecilia

    This is such a great post! Respect for veterans is always something I’ve loved to do and I always make sure to thank veterans whenever I do see them no matter how old they are! Once I make enough money to donate to organizations, I want to make sure I donate to some veteran charity fund. They deserve it for defending our country. Good post!

    -Cecilia 🙂

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