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Pinterest & Momondo

One of my favorite website in terms of design is pinterest. I like how simple and convenient the website is.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.41.38 PMPinterest is made of pictures that are categorized into different folders called “boards”, when you find an interesting picture you can click on it and you will be redirected toward the original source. To save those links or picture, you can just click on pin and create your own boards.

The page is composed of few toolbars only which I found easier and more convenient to browse. On the top center of the main page, you have the pinterest logo that is linked to the home page. Then, there is a search bar which as soon as you start typing in it, it will give you suggestions and make the search easier. Next to it, a menu bar where you can find the different boards and at the bottom, information of the website. On the same line you can find your profile and at its right you can go into your notifications and message section. The site isn’t too colorful which I think is good as the website is filled of pictures.


Another website that I find well designed is momondo.

On that website you can look and compare your airline tickets, hotels, car rentals or even find a trip package. First, I like how colorful the website is compared to other travel sites. Then they have made your search more convenient by separating each category.

On the home page, you will have options to search directly your itinerary and rates if you know where and when you want to travel, otherwise, if your roll down, the website will suggest you trips by showing the popular destinations or you can select options like your budget, kind of places you would like to go to etc and you will find suggestions.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.35.56 PM

If you found your deal, you will be redirected to the original source where you can purchase your ticket. This is a website I often use to prepare my trips and because it offers many features to narrow your search, I find better deals on this website.

I also like the pictures you find related to the different destinations, which makes you want to travel.


  1. Taylor Torbert


    I love pinterest too! I love the navigation of the page and the options the site offers you in order to open your mind to a higher creativity level! I think this is a very useful app. I just wish that I would do half of the projects that I pin! So many things to do!

    Taylor Torbert

  2. Adrian Orta

    Oh I have never heard of this travel site Momondo. I usually use but this one looks so much nicer. I need to look at it some more and play on it. I may use it for my next trip to London.

  3. Janelle Eriksen

    I love Pinterest! It’s very easy to navigate and is a simple layout which I really like.
    Momondo is a site I have never heard of. It sounds really great! I usually use TripAdvisor but the layout of Momondo is much prettier. I love to travel so this will be an excellent website to know, now. Thanks!

  4. Karen

    Laksna! Hi!

    I love Pinterest, mostly when I’m cooking or looking for workout inspiration. I also find lots of fun DIY stuff on Pinterest. I can spend probably 6 hours on Pinterest just looking at things. It’s so awesome. I’ve never heard of Momondo before though. For trips and things I usually look on my Hotel Tonight app, Trip Advisor, or Kayak. Momondo is a lot prettier than all those places I just listed though. I’ll look into it!! I’ll tell my boyfriend about it too because for some reason he really likes travel sites and researching travel stuff, even though he doesn’t travel often lol

  5. Margie Escamilla

    The site Momondo is one I’ve never head of, but sounds like a great site to check out! I’m always looking for something like what Monondo has to offer for trip advise and price comparisons.
    Nice job putting this together!

  6. Elysia Cowle

    I chose Pintrest too!

    Never heard of Monmondo but the layout is super cool!I should really check that out!

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