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Pinterest for the win

I am a very frequent pinner, if you will.

Pinterest is something that I am constantly using. I love getting more info about everything in life here. There are so many life hacks and uses for things you never knew existed.

I love the layout of the website. Even though there are a lot of pictures on just one page, I find that my mind likes to think quickly by looking through for the pictures that catch my eye.

I like to pin a lot of makeup and hair pins, but I have a workout board and a home decor board. I find the variety of things on Pinterest can fit the needs of anyone, including men.

I make sure to tab this site in my toolbar because I visit it so frequently.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.50.04 AM


  1. Alexandra Young

    Carissa, I feel you! Pinterest is my favorite. It was my choice of website for my blog post as well. I also enjoy all the life hacks, theres so much out there I didn’t know about I feel like I am so behind haha. I also have a home decor board! I think that might be one of the larger boards I have. Pinterest is the bomb.

  2. Jenna Gonzales

    Complete agree with all the life hacks, it’s like why didn’t I think of that!? Whenever I’m stuck in a creative rut Pinterest is my go to. I can spend so much time on there it’s wonderful because I get so inspired, but at the same time I can spend hours and not realize it. There’s just so much to look at, agh love it!!

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