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Pinterest is pretty much an online therapist at your service any where and any time.  It is a place where ideas and interests can be shared.   It is a place to seek help or advice whether it is about life or doing things around the home.

What I use Pinterest for is obsessing over television series or movies such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mad Max.  I can find new information about the series, actors, directors, etc. that I would not be able to find so easily if I only Googled.  Pinterest also shows that I am not alone in my obsessions.  Other people love the clever evilness of Damon Salvatore and the hilarious antics of Nick Miller, too.  All I do is repin what I find most interesting onto one of my boards and it is out for the world to know my love for science fiction and comedy.

Clothes and home decorating are my second most popular searches.  Clothes are in style at all times so it is fun to see what is “in”.  Home decorating on the other hand can be stressful when moving.  Searching for decorating ideas on Pinterest is very helpful and puts you in the mood to be productive.

pinterest-for-glamsjpg-435x243All in all, Pinterest prevents me from being bored at work and keeps my obsessions and interests alive and well.  Thank you Pinterest for always keeping me pinning!


  1. Laksna

    Hello Janelle,

    I try not to open Pinterest otherwise I just spend hours on that site. I love that app as I can just “pin” my favorite links/blog, categorize them into folders and go check them whenever I want as they are stored at one place. It has so many feeds that as you said you can never get bored.

    Mostly I spend time looking at photography and home decoration ideas, but I also love recipes and beauty section.

  2. Elysia Cowle

    I don’t Pintrest much, but I really think Pintrest is great for recipes and crafts. My girlfriends andI have wine and craft night compliments of craft ideas from Pintrest.

    I really like how Pintrest innovated layouts. I like the bulletin style that is trending due to them.

  3. Taylor Rogers

    I am a HUGE lover of Pinterest as well. It’s like google but more creative in a sense. Aside from the basic twitter, instagram, and facebook networks, Pinterest is another social media I use all day everyday. I love it because you can literally search for anything and it gives you pages and pages of suggestions. One minute I’m pinteresting what I should cook for breakfast one morning, then Il search some good workouts to do that day, and of course it is the number 1 go to place for craft/organizing ideas. Thats probably one of my favorite things to do on there. I’m always trying to find new ways to organize or new easy DIY projects to do!

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