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Netflix Binger

Netflix is an on demand provider for tv-bingers and movie-goers like me! The site includes a customizable profile and allows users to watch anything between TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc.  I am on Netflix always catching up on my TV shows like greys anatomy and helplessly catch myself drooling over “McDreamy” as they call it and dreaming to live in New York City after watching Sex and The City.. The great thing I love about Netflix, is that is personal and customizable to your individual needs. A few favorite features I love about this website are things like adding new shows to “My List” and I can allow my niece to watch “The Kids” section if need be. Paying an affordable price for Netflix just tops it off!

Netflix Website Screenshot
Netflix Website Screenshot



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  1. KevinLawrenceM

    I agree with you. I have a nephew and the “kids” category it a perfect idea. With so much content available, this company needed this feature. Allowing all the children’s material to be in one location without the chance of them viewing any other content.

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