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Like many, I suppose, I don’t watch the TV anymore, but when I used to be a TV-addict, I would watch movies, American shows or documentaries. And do you remember that we needed to know when a particular program would be on air and make sure to be available at that time? No need to go through this “trouble” anymore with my favorite app: Netflix. I can watch anything I want at any time. Of course, it sounds much better than waiting on the TV but actually the variety of choices you get on that site makes you spend so much time (sometimes one hour) to decide what to watch, especially if you are debating in a group (there is always someone who doesn’t want to watch the same thing that everyone finally agreed to).

However, Netflix is very much convenient, mainly due to its organization. Videos are sorted by genres (movies, documentaries, TV shows etc…) and then when you select one genre, you get sub genre options. For example, if you decide to watch a TV show, in there, you get to choose among British TV shows, reality TV or crime TV shows etc…

Netflix updates its collection regularly, and put it in “new releases,” also you have the option to make a list of videos you wish to watch later. And in case you started a movie, for example, and you didn’t get to watch it entirely, when you re-select that movie, you get the option to play it from the beginning or to continue where you stopped. How cool is that?

Most importantly the biggest plus is that Netflix is commercial free, you don’t get any ads before watching a video and never get interrupted.

I started a new show called Sense8 and already finished it!


What’s your favorite show?




  1. Brenda

    My favorite show is Parks and Recreation I highly recommend it. I binged it in less than a month, and if you look up how many season there are you will probably think I am a crazy! But I’m crazy about Netflix!!!

  2. Karen Muñoz

    I love Netflix. If I could I would watch TV shows I would watch them all day long. I really wish I could 🙁 it’s really hard to pick a favorite show but I love Parks & Recreation and Scandal and Friday Night Lights. Right now I’m watching Mad Men and Lost. I’m admittedly watching them very slow because of school and work and life :/ but I’m trying to watch them! You should also watch Dexter! I love shows. I’ll probably watch some Lost after I finish posting these.

  3. Laksna

    Haha Netflix is so addictive, especially with the shows you can just keep watching and not realizing how many hours you have spent on the couch :/

  4. Laksna

    I watched Dexter but I was really really disappointed of the ending!!! Did you like it?

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