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My Web Design & Publishing Experience!

1.What has been your favorite project, assignment, or subject and why?

My favorite project was the responsive exercise. I really liked learning how to build a website, but that project finally made it look legit . Just learning how to build a website was really fun. I enjoyed learning how to code, it is a very valuable skill to know now a days.

2. What has been your least favorite project, assignment, or subject and why?

My least favorite thing about this class are these blogs. I seriously do not like to blog. I am not good at writing whatsoever. It’s also really frustrating because I never know the name of this web page I literally had to screen shot it so I can remember. I am also not looking forward to future assignment because they look more complicated and time consuming.

I also really hate when I finally make my website look badass and then it doesn’t look like that on the web because something of fetch didn’t work or photoshop didn’t save it right.

The photoshop project was also really frustrating because my first banner looked terrible and I took too long to make it because I am a psycho perfectionist.

Also, the Trouble shooting assessment was seriously the most frustrating thing ever. I could not figure out that code for the life of me. There was a lot of self loathing that day.

3. What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

I think coding was the most important thing I have learned. I always thought it would be the hardest thing ever but it really isn’t. I also find it really fun to code, it makes me feel smarter. This class gave me serious bragging rights, so thanks! Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.53.05 AM


  1. Larisa Gawlik

    I have also been having issues with Fetch not properly uploading onto the web. I usually have to delete the files already in Fetch and put the new ones in instead of just saving over. For some reason, saving over the files in Fetch does not work even though it should.

    Photoshop was difficult to work with but I think it’s because I had only a little bit of experience with it. I hope to get better at it before I graduate!

  2. Janelle Eriksen

    I agree on the blog comment. I do not like them very much. I also agree with you on how awesome learning to make my website responsive was. Making a real website making it work the way it is suppose to feels great!

  3. Laksna

    Hello Brenda,

    I just visited the best website ever 😛

    I also found photoshop difficult but I guess with more practice we would be more comfortable working with it. Coding is a real skill and like you I found it fun!

  4. Taylor Rogers

    I know you had lots of trouble doing project 2, as did I, but I’m really impressed by the way yours turned out!! I love your updated banner/logo, you did such a good job and way more work than I put into mine! I’m also really glad that we’ve been able to help each other throughout this class! 🙂

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