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My Web design Experience

Over the last few weeks i’ve learned a good amount of information about web design. Coming into this course i was a little scared. Ive never done any type of coding or web designing other than blogging on WordPress. My favorite part of the semester so far was probably rebuilding my website, project 2 .  Being able to re-design my first webpage ever was fun. I had more knowledge going into the second project, so i felt a lot more confident doing. Project 1 was probably my least favorite. before coming to class i had no clue how to code in HTML. I was nervous and scared going in to class. To make matters worse, after the first two weeks of class I came down with the flu and missed a lot of information on Project 1. This made it difficult. I had no prior experience and I really didn’t know anyone in the class that I could text or ask for help. I turned in the assignment late and since then its been my least favorite assignment. I believe the most important thing Ive learned is probably the responsive exercise. In today’s world it’s important your web page be responsive with tablets and smartphones. The fact that these are continuously on the rise really forces one to have a responsive website. A phones a human life so make sure your web page is responsive.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.08.05 AM

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  1. Daniel Gray

    Cool website, I did not think to add a Resume page. I’m still scared of this class! And I like your style/clothes!!

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