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My Web Design Class Experience

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My favorite projects so far have been the student and redesign projects. I enjoy HTML5 and CSS3 and want to learn as much as possible; however, I wish I had known about responsive design from the beginning. My least favorite assignment has been the responsive design assignment because the layout I created in the first two projects was not easily transformed to a responsive design without a major rework. And this is the most important thing that I learned in class so far—responsive design. Prior to taking this class, I had some basic HTML skills from my technical writing background; however, I never heard of responsive design before and thought that mobile sites were just miniature versions of websites. If  had known about this responsive design prior to designing my website, these last couple of weeks would had been so much easier for me.

These are the two links to my projects:

Project 1 Project 2



  1. Adrian Leal

    Yeah, I didn’t like the redesign project lol, I couldn’t get the hang of it, but luckily we wont really have to use it anymore. I’m excited for the bootstrap project though!

  2. Conor Hickey

    Yeah I myself have a love, hate relationship with responsive design also. It’s very frustrating, yet equally gratifying feeling working with responsive design. Practice makes perfect though and its totally worth it.

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