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My “I can’t live without” app.

We all live in a time in which we are glued to technology, it can be in our phones or computers or tablet… you name it.  With the evolution of technology, for many of us is easier to maintain connected and informed thru this technological devices and in my personal opinion, I can stay away of my cell phone.  I have many apps that are helpful in my college life and struggle, but the app that is indispensable for me is definitely the FIFA app.

To me, this app has become indispensable and super necessary. (source: me)
To me, this app has become indispensable and super necessary. (source: me)

I have a passion for soccer and this app helps me keep in touch with others in a community that love soccer the same way I do, it’s an application in which you have all the information and sources needed to stay well informed about everything that is happening in the world of soccer and obviously, how soccer helps and impacts the world.  This app counts with many features like news, live scores, soccer statistics and profiles of soccer players around the world! So definitely is an awesome app for any futbol lover.

I know this app is a “must have” for me because I am a student of Journalism with a minor in sport’s psychology; my interests involve this sport and my future plans are to work for a soccer team as a journalist.  So I invite you to check it out if you have an interest in soccer or visit their website for more details.

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