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My Hobby Site – UI/UX

I’ll be creating my site about User Interface and Experience and how we interact with our devices. My site will have 5 pages beginning with a scroll to anchor home page showing examples of different types of situations where UI and UX are important to us on a daily basis.


The first page will explore what UI is and will be called, “What is UI?”

Next page will be called “What is UX?” and these pages will explore both of these aspects of design and how they affect how we use our devices.


The next or 3rd page will be about what skills are necessary to work in or obtain a career in UI and UX skills and be called “Skills”.


The 4th page will be called Mobile UI properties and will uncover many of the principals used to construct proper UI for mobile devices.


The 5th page will be called Desktop UI properties and the 6th will be called About.

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