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My Hobby

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Video games are a hobby that has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and that is why I chose this topic as my hobby. Each game is a form of art that is trying to relay a message, which I enjoy attempting to decipher it while I’m playing it. Videogames became a hobby for me the very day that I received my first Nintendo, and it’s a passion that has stuck with me through the years.

One of my pages I plan to have to have a table listing my all-time favorite games, from Super Nintendo to present day titles. I will choose them depending on artistic creativity, difficulty, story impact and replay value.  For my second one I plan to have a content page with pictures and links to some of the video games that I’ve enjoyed playing. The PlayStation 4 has a great way to screenshot photos of the being played, so I will posting the ones that I’ve collected. For the third page I will be posting my contact information. Which will be my Twitter, Snap Chat, PSN, and my email. One of the pages will be the home. It will contain my bio, an intro to my site, and a current picture of me. For the last page though, I’m not too sure yet? I was thinking making it a page where I review and critique some of the games I have played and are currently playing, but I think that might be too time consuming. My other idea for it, is to just have a page with my other interests. I also enjoy producing music, going outdoors, exercising, and all sorts of stuff; so maybe fill the page with pictures about the other activities that I enjoy doing.

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