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pinJust about every day, I visit the website Pinterest. I can access this website on my phone, my computer and I even have the Pinterest app. I enjoy this website because it is an ingenious way to organize your interests. I am able to create boards with recipes for meals, outfits to wear, décor for my home, future vacations or even a board of all the puppies I want to own in the future! It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. I really enjoy the feature to “like” a photo, or to “send” the item to another user. You can also have private boards for just you to see, or make it available for others to pin to it. But the best part about Pinterest, in my opinion, is that clicking on the photo will bring you to an external link. You can become aquatinted with the photo publisher and find blogs, websites and other related information.

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  1. Joey Galvan

    Hi Taylor! I know little, to nothing about Pinterest. I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with many aspects of social networking as it will likely help me in my field of journalism. Pinterest is the last on my list of sits to try though I see more friends recently embracing it. I do like artwork and entertainment so I’ll download the application and try it out. From the descriptions you’ve provided it seems to have facets of other social media with the “like” and idea of sharing content. Are there any specific blogs you might recommend? Is there any assumed etiquette I should abide by when using Pinterest? I’m a little confused as to what exactly a bored is, but I’m sure once I download the application my confusion will quickly dissipate. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to playing around on this site.

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