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My Favorite Website

The website I visit the most is I visit it several times a day both on my laptop and cellphone. Since it stays connected with my Google account, YouTube knows what I like to watch. I know I shouldn’t like that they know so much about me, but I am glad they do because it stops me from going online and checking one by one if new artists I like or youtubers posted any new videos.

YouTube also keeps me updated on what is going on. There are several accounts on YouTube that are for news, so sometimes I don’t feel as bad for missing the news on tv. The site also tells you what videos you haven’t finished watching.  It knows when you have watched a video, so it helps you by finding something faster, or stops you from watching something again. However, my favorite trait of YouTube is the playlists. No other site has as many songs as YouTube does, not even Spotify nor Pandora. I have saved many playlists from other people and even done ones for myself. Now I have a playlist for all my moods.

I like both the simplicity of the app and the website. I don’t put content of myself in there, but I really enjoy watching events in other people’s lives. YouTube Red also recently came out, and although I am not thinking about buying it, it is something that I know in the future might be very successful. Maybe in the future we will see YouTube Red’s success affect the site and its content, but for now I am perfectly happy with the way it is.Picture1


  1. Melanie Saucedo

    Some of my favorites are TatcherJoe, Caspar, and MirandaSings because they are very funny. I also watch a lot of Ellen and The Late Late Show. There are so many things to watch which makes it really difficult to choose a favorite.

  2. Katie Streeter

    Ooooh, I love Youtube! I’m a big fan of slam poetry and Youtube is the primary outlet for that. I also really appreciate the Vlogbrothers!

  3. Wynard Crawford

    I love watching YouTube videos . They’re really time consuming and you think you’ve only been watching for a few minutes and when you look at the clock hours have passed. I’m a huge fan of the bad lip reading channel. The NFL bad lip reading have got to be my favorite by far!

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