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This may be 2016, but I still use Facebook constantly. It will never go out of date or die out. Everyone uses Facebook, even grandparents use it. It is a way to connect with the world wherever you go. I am a big time food fanatic, and Facebook definitely helps me find the best recipes. I follow a bunch of food sites, but ‘Tasty’ would have to be my favorite page. I go on Facebook everyday just to look at their daily recipes. I love their account it is so addicting! Thanks to Facebook, my stomach will never go hungry.

Besides my hunger problems going away, I use Facebook for a lot of other reasons. It is a great way of communicating to anyone by just leaving a reply. I love how simple and easy it is as well. It is not very complex and difficult, and that is a great thing!

Screenshot of ‘Tasty’ Facebook page

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  1. Monica Grice

    I was just talking about how everyone uses Facebook in my post too lol! Facebook does have great recipes too.

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