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My Favorite Website

My favorite website right now is BuzzFeed. I spend a lot of my time there because it is very addictive and the layout of the website makes it really easy to keep scrolling down for more. I mainly access this site through my laptop, but I also use the app on my phone. Either way BuzzFeed gives me the same entertainment.

I believe BuzzFeed does a great job because it has content for everybody, from the really important news from around the world to the most useless stuff you read or watch when you are bored. You can literally stumble upon anything on this site. The features I like the most are: the quizzes, recipes (even though I have failed at every one of them), style and life.

Every time I read or watch something I like, I usually share it through Facebook. I either post them on my friend’s wall or I just share it in my profile, and I have noticed that I am not the only one doing this. Sometimes my whole Facebook feed is about videos, quizzes, recipes or articles from BuzzFeed.





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  1. Melanie Saucedo

    BuzzFeed is definetely one of my favorite websites! Although sometimes I try to avoid it because those quizzes are too good, and I can stay there for hours. I especially like their YouTube channels, and the Try Guys videos.

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