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My favorite website

blogMy favorite website is I love this site because it allows me to create my own blog where I can speak easily with people around the world. It also allows me to create a “dashboard” which is essentially a front page catered to things I like and want to see. I can follow as many other blogs as I want and view their posts.

Joining tumblr has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world. Last year I toured Europe with friends I had met on this website. Tumblr is cool in the sense that it really allows you to learn so much more about things you enjoy; whether that be photography, music, television or any number of things.

The blogging platform is really advanced because it allows you to simply use a layout made by the company, one made by other members or one you create yourself. Each blog can appear however the member wants it to; it can be colorful and busy or calming and simple.

I can access this site on a computer or via the tumblr app. There is also an expansion for this site called xkit which can be downloaded on a computer or on the App Store.

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