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My favorite music website

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I usually go on l’abcdrduson several times a week, looking for well written interviews and articles about french and american artists. The whole team behind that website created something new that didn’t really exist before in France : a web magazine dedicated to Rap music, willing to give exposure not only to already established artists but also to « underground » rappers and producers. They are known to have a particular way of writing and they do emphasis on having a sharp, critical mind.

I like this website because in the first seconds I look at it, I can see if a major interview or video broadcast has been released. It is clear, there is not too much information that come at the same time. When you scroll down, you can read the previous big interviews, articles, recommendations and at the very end, the « Back to the future » contents allows you to catch up and read some papers that have been written years before.

This website is really user friendly and using the flat design is always a good modern choice. I also really like their use of parallax scrolling on some of their pages ( which is, I think, very attracting to the eye of the reader.

Publishing sharp, clever, professional and modern analyzes several times a week, I think the webdesign used for this website pretty much matches their writing style and the image the readers have of them.


  1. Paige Locke

    This is so cool! As a fellow lover of the french and of hip hop this is an amazing site. A site I visit from time to time is – they’re from France and do these great take away shows with musicians, highly recommend.

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