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My Experience

My experience so far from taking this course has been nothing but positive. My favorite project has been Project 1, because it was a good and fun way to start the class. We learned the basics of HTML and later expanded our knowledge. I enjoyed making a website all about me (humbly)! My least favorite assignment was the trouble-shooting quiz because I was getting so frustrated trying to figure out what needed to be fixed! Little did I know that I was over-thinking it all until right before the class ended; luckily I had a chance to start over and get a good grade on it. The most important thing that I have learned so far in this class is the basics of coding… I have a new-found respect for coders and people who work in that industry because I know how much work and thought goes into it. I praise anybody that does this as a job because I see how it can get frustrating! Taking this course has also been great for my resume! Thank you for teaching us these awesome things Professor Brown!

This is how I felt on the first day of coding in this class... gladly, I no longer feel lost!
This is how I felt on the first day of coding in this class… gladly, I no longer feel lost!


Ashley Marinez

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  1. Taylor Farrell

    Wow! I totally feel the same way abut the troubleshooting assignment. I was overthinking everything and had no clue how simple it actually was. I was not lucky enough to figure it out in time though. Besides that, I also have really enjoyed this class so far! It is so exciting to see all the cool things you can do with coding!

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