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My Class Experience


This post is a little late, but better late than never huh?

Well this class is probably one of the most beneficial classes that I have taken at Texas State public relations. Websites are so crucial for everyday communication and information that being able to create one will help me out a lot with jobs for the future.

I really love that buying our own website was required for this class because I’ve always wanted to have my own site (for acting as well as PR) and now I have it for a year! (Probably will renew it once the year is up) but this makes me look a little bit more professional now that I can put a link to MY OWN WEBSITE!

My favorite project is probably going to be this imovie project because I’ve always been big into film and editing film. I’ve been working with imovie since I was in high school and now I mainly work with Final Cut Pro, so I feel like this project will be the most enjoyable to me because it is something I am very very familiar with.

I also really loved being able to put the Twitter widget into our website cause that looks cool! I gotta start tweeting a little more professional now because of jobs and stuff. But overall This class has been very beneficial and will be something I take in and will use for many many years to come!


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  1. KevinLawrenceM

    Oh dang, I did not mention the imovie because we had not done it, but for sure the imovie project. I love filming and editing. I was so glad to have taken this course and the FDOM course that allows this opportunity. I also agree about the website. Having our own personal website is key to the course since it is wed design. I a appreciate the layout and structure of the course.

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