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My Class Experience

I really dig this class even though it’s a three hour class on Thursday nights.. I’m not very good at playing instruments or painting so designing webpages makes me feel like the artist I would like to be. My favorite project so far has to be the web page redesign. I liked seeing the transformation of my page from this to this. I’ve only dabbled a bit inĀ CSS so this time I got to really explore the possibilities. I find it so cool how creative you can get with it.. it’s almost mind blowing to me


My least favorite project has to be the responsive design exercise just because it was a pain in the ass to check and see if your sizing was correct on other devices. That was the only thing I didn’t like about that particular exercise, I understand the importance of it though.

I feel like the most important subject I’ve learned about has to do with my least favorite project. Responsive web designs are the future and it’s so important to keep up with the times in order to stay relevant in this technological world.


  1. Tania Hagedorn

    I wish we had covered the responsive design stuff prior to the redesign project; I think it would had been easier. I can get my website to work on most devices, but it was a huge pain in the rear and took HOURS. Although I get why responsive design is important, I thought that it was little advanced for beginning coders.

  2. Paige Locke

    Haha, all about the feeling like an artist thing. As a person who has grown up around people who can paint, draw, play music so easily, it’s nice to feel like I can do something creative too. Thank you HTML/CSS for giving creative hope.

  3. Monica

    I totally agree about the whole artist thing. I think it’s cool to make something and put it out in the world.

  4. Alexandra Young

    I love the picture you put with this post haha. I also like that you related this to art and creativity, I feel the same way. HTML/CSS is like digital creativity haha.

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