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My Class Experience

My favorite assignment so far has been Project 2: Student Bio Website Redesign because we were able to make our website look more decent than before. I also just like how my website ended up looking like. The first project was also nice, but it was just the basics, while in project 2 we were able to modify it by using CSS. I also think it was pretty easy and interesting compared to everything we’ve done afterwards, but it was probably because I already had some knowledge on the basics of html and CSS.

My least favorite project so far has been the responsive design because even though I know it’s important and beneficial, I struggled a lot with it. Looking for answers online for very specific details was also frustrating. The tutorial video did help, but for some reason I was having problems with certain things ¬†and the video does not really show you what you can do if something does not work properly. Also, whenever I would fix something, it would just cause another problem, and overall I just found it extremely frustrating. Nevertheless, I am glad we were introduced to responsive design because it’s becoming really important.

I think everything I’ve learned so far has been important because it seems that every little thing is crucial in order for a website to work properly. At the beginning I only knew a few of the basics of html, and I feel like this class has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills in coding. I think the most important thing is to remember to test the website constantly because you want to make sure every change works right, or else it will be difficult to find the problem if the website is not checked constantly.


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  1. William Le Moing

    I also had problems with responsive design, everything was not working like I wanted to… I agree with you with the constant problem checking habit, it is really important to do it, and everything that we have learned has its importance.

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