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Mu Epsilon Theta, it’s more than just a sorority

For project three my theme is my sorority, Mu Epsilon Theta. I choose to write about this because most of the activities I do involve my sorority and all my sisters. Mu Ep is a Catholic sorority that focuses on spirituality, sisterhood and service. There is way more to this sorority than a bunch of girls just getting together and I want others to see that.

Page 1: The face of Mu Epsilon Theta, who are leadership is and what they stand for.

Page 2: Service, plays a huge role in my sorority and I want to share some one the experiences and events we participate in.

Page 3: Sisterhood, is what unites all the sisters as one

Page 4: Spirituality, is the backbone of our sorority. We all strive to be better women in Christ and the sorority hold us accountable to that.

Page 5: Information on how to get involved with other organizations through Our Lady of Wisdom.

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