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Literally my life is YouTube

With the way social media is today, people have a variety of outlets to express themselves and you can always find a community of people who share the same common interest with you.

YouTube is a great place to not only express yourself but a place to learn anything from how to fix a tire to learning Mandarin.

I visit YouTube a multitude of times a day, for a variety of reasons. I recently cut the cable (best decision) which allows me to explore other apps for my viewing choice. My favorite app is YouTube because  I can view many different videos from different people about different things when ever I want.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.43.13 PM

When you have a YouTube account you can “subscribe” to as many “channels” as you’d like. Depending on the YouTuber they; may post 1-7 videos a day. I currently have about 131 subscriptions, which is basically 133 different channels that I can watch. Everyday there are new videos to watch, but my favorite YouTube channels are on a scheduled post date ( e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Sunday’s).

I don’t personally post on YouTube all the time just for school assignments and tutorials for my beauty blog, but I love knowing that there is always something for me to watch and with YouTube you can never get bored (starts out watching accounting videos ends up watch cat videos).

To sum up, literally my life is YouTube.

If you want to check out my some of the “YouTubers” I watch the links are listed below:



Soraya Herbert


  1. Michela Johnson

    I pretty much live on YouTube. I get on there every single day and engage in discussions with strangers, so my google notifications are never dry.

  2. Ashley Marinez

    Youtube is the Agreed with everything you said girl! I follow Huda Beauty too!! She is the best. Im gonna watch your beauty tutorials!! Your make-up is always on point girl. Love this post!

    -Ashley Marinez

  3. Sarah Garcia Alvarez

    I love YouTube too! I’ve heard many negative comments lately on YouTube Red lately. What are your thoughts on that?

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