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Instagram Surpasses All

Hello all,

My name is Brittney Garcia, and I am addicted to Instagram. Instagram is an easy way to share life experiences with others using photos or videos. This phenomenal app has grown so much over these few years and can be used for so many different aspects.

image1I use my Instagram to show my family and friends what I have been doing, while keeping up with them through their posts. Here is my personal Instagram where I post all my images and film. I think the reason I enjoy Instragram so much is because it is quick and easy. There is hardly any reading, and the app makes it easy to swipe through all posts. I am a very visual person, not only because pictures can speak a thousand word but because people can get more of a sense of what you post. A few of my favorite features on Instagram are the variety of filters we are able to use, because we know girls loooove filters. I also love the fast search of trending topics by simply adding a hashtag in front of a word. For instance, next time on Instgram type in #DontImpersonateMe and see what pops up. It is a good friends of mine clothing line.

Here is a very special moment I was able to capture when I worked for Fader Fort this year at SXSW in Austin, Texas. I was able to enjoy a Travis Scott show up close and personal. image2

He was probably one of the best performers I have ever met! As you can see I utilize my hashtags so others were able to see it as well. I hope that after you read this you will like to use Instagram more. You can use it in so many ways: personal, fun, promotion, or inspiration. I challenge you to step to this side of social media, and enjoy!

Brittney Garcia

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