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If I wasn’t boring, I’d do more with it

My experience in this class so far has been enlightening. I knew a little bit about HTML prior to CrocHEYYYthis course, but this semester has opened my eyes to countless possibilities. My favorite project so far was assignment 2 when we implied CSS into our web pages. Although I could have done more with my assignment, I feel like I was able to make the website feel like my own.

I think the most important thing that I have learned thus far is making a responsive webpage. Prior to this course I hadn’t considered the limitations that each platform has. I was under the impression that all sites were created equal and would respond the same no matter if it were on a big television screen or a mobile phone. Clearly I was silly to think that. How dare I? Because of this there is a bunch of extra code you have to put into a webpage as if there wasn’t enough to begin with. On the bright side, it could be as simple as a copy and paste. Most people have already done the work for you, it’s all just a matter of how you apply it (web design in a nutshell I think).

If it interests you, have a look at my assignment 1. I promise it will disappoint you because it was my least favorite assignment. Why you ask? Because I couldn’t do what I wanted with it. There are too many limitations in HTML.


  1. Joseph Chretien-Golden

    Your site looks great so far, and the links to digital art and video games are great! The responsive exercise was my favorite so far as well.

  2. Melanie Saucedo

    I am exited about the Bootstrap assignment because of that. I just want it to end up looking like something I would like to do, and more personalized. You did a great job with, “Deceptive” I wish I had the skills.

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