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I <3 Pinterest

Of all the social media apps out there, I spend the most time on Pinterest. I’m on the Pinterest app on my phone at least three times a day, and I log on to Pinterest from my laptop at least once a day. It is my favorite thing. What I like most about Pinterest is that you can get really creative with it. Your Pinterest page can be organized however you want it to be, and you can add/edit any type of board you want. For me, Pinterest is sort of like my own personal blog. I have a board for all of my interests. Movies, music, travel destinations, cool GoPro shots, you name it. Everything I ever wanted is on my Pinterest page. And, unfortunately, everything I ever wanted but will never have is also there.

I think Pinterest is also cool because it’s not limited to any type, or gender of a person. You can “pin” whatever you want. Most people tend to think Pinterest is a site that’s mainly geared toward girls, but I don’t think that’s true. If you don’t want to look at a bunch of DIY bedroom ideas or wedding inspiration, (I personally don’t look at either of those categories) you don’t have to. It is what you make it. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it! 🙂

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  1. Andrew Clemons

    Good read. I didn’t know you could organize all of you interest to how you like. I’ll have to download it and give you a fallow!

  2. Grayson Kirkham

    I need to check out Pinterest. I was also under the impression that it was mostly targeted toward females, but a lot of the stuff available on there seem like something I’d like. Also, I’d say I’m a pretty feminine man, so I think it would fit me regardless haha. I would definitely be checking out the music and movie!

  3. Ashley Marinez

    Good pick!!! I almost chose to talk about Pinterest, because I myself am a die-hard Pinner, but I saw that someone had already snagged it and wanted to switch things up a bit. Im on Pinterest everyday of my life, even when I am sitting on the buses on the way to class…. I’m not sure if that’s embarrassing or not, but I have no shame in my Pinterest-game. Good post! Agreed with everything above- I have over 8.6k pins!

    Ashley Marinez

  4. Macy Neel

    Pinterest is defiantly one of my addictions too! It keeps all of my ideas and inspirations all in one place. I like that you added that it is not limited to a gender or interest. I think people from all walks of life would find it useful.

  5. Maria M

    Pinterest is a really cool website! Whenever I feel adventurous and want to try to do something new, this is my go to site. I always get inspiration for new recipes, outfits, DIY, etc. I also really like that you can have different boards, instead of having everything you “pin” or liked in just one place.

  6. Dayri Vargas-Osorio

    Pinterest is definitely my favorite app to spend my quite little free time and also the app where I can go and get some creative ideas of how to do some projects for school and home! I love the way pinterest is practical and easy to use.

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