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I decided to do the bootstrap project about fashion because many of my hobbies are related to it. I read a lot of fashion magazines and blogs, I write fashion blogs and well I obviously love to shop too. This is one of the topics I am more informed about because I am really passionate about it. I spend countless hours looking at clothes online, watching documentaries about designer’s life and I never get bored. For this site I would try to combine a little bit of every aspect of fashion to make it easier for readers to find everything they need to know about what is happening in the fashion world. It is going to be a one stop site. There are infinite fashion styles, but for this site I would focus mainly on mine which is chic, romantic and bohemian sometimes.

My  five pages are going to be:

  • About
  • Trends (current and future trends)
  • Fashion Bloggers/ where to shop
  • Documentaries
  • Magazines (comparing them)


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