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Coming up with one hobby was pretty tough but I decided to the website over something that I love. Football is pretty big in my life, whether it’s playing it or watching it, dissecting plays or watching film. I’ve always wanted to be a football coach but with that comes teaching… I’m not about that life. If I could find a way around the teaching thing I would probably coach. ┬áNot sure how I would get a teaching job at a high school with an advertising degree but ohh well! I’m not 100% sure about the different pages yet but I’m thinking something along the lines of :

  • Home Page, description of why this is my hobby
  • Football Safety
  • Combines at Texas Universities
  • Tutorial Videos/Images
  • News & Media

Yeah my ideas are pretty vague and could use some narrowing down. Hopefully the finished product comes out better than this blog post did!

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