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hobby website

I think I’m going to go with Why I love coffeehouses. Maybe use some kind of place on the phrase “I love you a latte.”

I broke down five reasons to why I love cafe/coffee houses. These would be the five pages on the site.

  • atmosphere
  • coffee/lattes
  • music/playlist
  • events/open mics
  • art

It honestly even took me awhile to lock down a hobby that I’d want to create a website on. Or even thinking of what my hobbies are. I might have to change my idea.

My hobbies are:

music, concert going, food, coffee(my chosen subject), wiener dogs, lgbt rights, an activist of gender rights & being green, sexuality, photography.

I think I could actually make a really cool website on this idea. I’m just trying to think of a good way to title it.


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