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Finding good design

  1. When looking for inspiration for my personal website  I stumbled upon various interesting personal sites, Albino Tonina’s being one of them. I like how he not only talks about his web developing skills but he actually gets to show them off.The site responds with your scrolling and while it is an easy layout to read, its crazy creative. This guy knows how to stand out and grab a person’s attention. The site even got an award and a special mention.

    But then I discovered it did this:

    This guy has my everlasting awe.

  2.  Outside of outstanding personal sites, I loved when Spotify came out with Year in Music 2014.

    It showed what people were listening to in a well put together page. I think it was well designed in the way that Spotify itself is well designed. It makes it easy to browse, listen to the song mentioned and connect to social media.

    My favorite section is where it shows the world and you get to see the most popular song in each country for the year.

    And even better, at the very end you can see your own year in music.myyear


  1. Alan Espejel

    That personal website by Albino Tonina is fantastic. Very well designed, great concept and the fact that it properly scales for all page sizes (including tablet and phone web browsers) makes me happy to be an amateur web designer. Great choice for a well designed website!

  2. Madelynne Scales

    The Albino Tonina website is really playful, simple to use and not overwhelmingly colorful. I enjoy the fluidity of its navigation. Thanks for sharing!

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