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IMG_2950My website is about adventuring and exploring the great outdoors of Texas.

This is one of my favorite hobbies because I love to be outdoors discovering new places such as hike trails, swimming spots, biking trails and nature walks. This is something I’ve grown to love ┬ásince I’ve moved to Austin three years ago. I make it apart of my weekly routine to check out a new location or visit some of my favorites spots like lady bird lake , so I can escape the busy city life and destress during a bust week of work and school.

The pages I will include on my navigation will be: Home, About, Links, Photos and Contact.

These will give a brief overview to some of my favorite spots in Texas that I like to explore and some new places I want to check out. There will be an image gallery to visually explain the beauty of Texas. I’m looking forward to working on this website and apply all of what I have learned and improve my web design skills.



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